Lego Serious Play for Positive Psychology vs. LSP regular 

Many people ask what the difference between LEGO® SERIOUS® PLAY® for Positive Psychology and normal application of LEGO® SERIOUS® PLAY® is.

LEGO® SERIOUS® PLAY® is a facilitation tool offered by LEGO® through their creative common license. Trademark information is provided here:

LEGO does NOT train facilitators but still produce and sell bricks specifically used for the LEGO SERIOUS PLAY method. Facilitators who claim to be associated with LEGO in any way are doing do against LEGO trademarks.

Since LEGO does not train facilitators there exists NO official LEGO certification training. However other facilitators also seek to comply with high quality standards. Hereunder trainers engaged with Association of Master Trainers in the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® Method. This association is founded by the creators of the LEGO Serious Play method. This association offers a broad and very useful certification training in the use of the LEGO Serious Play method. They do not, however, cover the scientific underpinnings of the target area like we do with positive psychology.

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Event: Building Positive Psychology

If you, like us, think that four days of play, learning and positive psychology in sounds pretty nice, then join us for certification in using LEGO® Serious Play® for Positive Psychology.

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eBook: LEGO® Serious Play® for Positive Psychology

The e-book is the only book on the market that explores in detail how the science of well-being and flourishing can be explored using the LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® method.

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