Workshops and conferences

The Build & Share method is offered as a 1,5 hour to full day workshops at conferences and events around the world. It can be offered as a “stand-alone” experience or embedded into the event’s overall topic, scope and agenda.

If positive psychology and the science of well-being, engagement and flourishing is a useful topic for a specific event, Build & Share is one of the most experiential ways to explore these topics. Give us a call and we can work out a creative way to apply Build & Share in your upcoming event.

Examples of international workshops

February 2014 – MPI’s European Meeting and Events Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.

World wide, positive psychology, the science of well-being and flourishing is helping individuals, organizations and communities create more sustainable change and transition. This session will open participants to a world of strengths exploring how the use of our signature strengths engages and motivates us. 

The event was rewarded as the most interesting and innovative presentation at the conference. Below you can see a small appetizer of the session.


July 2014 – Pre-conference workshop at The seventh European Conference on Positive Psychology, Amsterdam, Holland.

In this Play Your Strength version of Build & Share Exploration Workshop™ participants will briefly be introduced to various elements of the method. This includes among other things a brief introduction to the concept of character strengths, how to introduce LEGO® into workshops, building of one or two personal signature strengths, explore how these can be combined and how they interact with the strengths of others.

November 2012
The Second China International Conference on Positive Psychology

July 2011
Second World Congress on Positive Psychology, Philadelphia, USA

June 2010
The fifth European Conference on Positive psychology, Copenhagen, Denmark



logofigurBuild & Share is a group facilitation method that builds on theory, research and application within positive psychology and narrative practices. When applied in groups the method helps you get deeper, more meaningful understanding of topics especially related to motivation, resilience and engagement.

Build & Share is a method that provides an engaging and more memorable approach to shared group understanding and self-exploration in areas related to well-being and optimal human functioning. Based on research that shows that literal hands-on, minds-on learning produces a deeper, more meaningful understanding of the world and its possibilities, Build & Share deepens the reflection process and supports an effective dialogue – for everyone in the group. This is done by posing reflective questions, but instead of answering these questions in the traditional way, participants build their answer in for example LEGO® and respond by using metaphors and narratives they have created themselves.

Sharing is fundamental

It is crucial that each person’s voice is heard during this process. Everybody shares what is on their minds, and everybody is listened to. This is very important in order to achieve the purposes of the Build & Share process: to let everyone share their thoughts in a constructive way and to give everybody a chance to hear each others’ points of view. Sharing is fundamental to Build & Share; on one hand sharing is done to create a common understanding of the group’s way of dealing with a situation, and on the other hand to create the best starting point for people to feel ownership for the reflections and ideas expressed. Eventually this will help them to arrive at the solutions and actions that need to be taken in order for them to enhance their well-being and group performance.

Who developed Build & Share?

The method has been developed my Mads Bab who runs the Danish based consultancy Gnist (Danish word for Spark). Mads holds a MSc in Applied Positive Psychology, is an international keynote speaker, published author and part time associate professor at the Danish Positive Psychology Master Program. The driver behind the creation of Build & Share is a dedicated approach to develop more powerful ways for, especially, groups to explore concepts within positive psychology. It is startling how few new intervention and group facilitation methods that have been developed over the last decade. Build & Share is a dedicated approach to enhance the effect of scientific validated interventions in groups by applying tactile elements to ensure a more tangible learning process.

Applying Build & Share in your workshops

Build & Share has been offered in various formats over the last 5 years. It has been introduced with a very positive response at conferences in Denmark, USA and China. Now the time has come to offer this exciting method to more facilitators around the globe.

The method builds on a three step core-process consisting of these important steps:

  1. Questions that explore
  2. Building meaning
  3. Sharing & Reflection

Learning the method is easy, becoming proficient takes practice. This is why we offer the Build & Share Handbook and online community as well as exclusive certification courses once a year in Denmark and through partners around the world. Becoming a certified facilitator will give you the opportunity to market your self and your offerings with the Build & Share brand.



“Thinkering’ is a word coined by Michael Ondaatje in his novel The English Patient. It expresses the creation and understanding of concepts in the mind while tinkering with the hands.

When we physically engage with things, especially with our hands, we generate a great variety of sensory images. These sensory images help us understand our immediate realty and serve us in our personal and shared meaning making.

A surprisingly large part of the human brain is dedicated to controlling the hands. Therefore, when people construct things with their hands they simultaneously construct theories and knowledge in their minds. When we “think with our hands” we create more new neural connection thus unleashing creative energies, new modes of thought, and novel ways of seeing what most adults have forgotten they even possessed. The notion of “learning by making”, or “thinking with your hands”, draws on neuroscience, the use of play and expressive arts in therapy. It bring out insights and learning that intellectual reasoning alone might not be able to discover.

LEGO® SERIOUS® PLAY® for Positive Psychology has shown that adults can regain their ability to play, which offers creative possibilities because it emphasizes freedom and plays down responsibility, self-consciousness and shame. This non-judgemental environment of play is more likely to foster surprising and innovative ideas.