Useful applications

The Build & Share method and its parent concept LEGO® Serious Play® is being used in organizations and groups worldwide by facilitators with various backgrounds. The organizations and groups are often looking for innovative ways to increase the engagement, confidence and insight of their executives, managers and employees.

The method is in use for a broad range of purposes, including but not limited to:

  • Creation of share goals, visions and aspirations
  • Alignment of values
  • Exploration of character strengths and virtue
  • Mastery goals and collective self-efficacy
  • Innovation and concept development
  • Unleashing creative thinking and transforming ideas into concrete concepts.
  • Prospecting, scenario & future studies

Experience shows great relevance in embedding the Build & Share method into workshops and change processes related to organizational development, leadership development, team building, strategy and goal setting, personal development in group settings.

If you are seeking to reveal more impactful insights, improve decision making, find hidden opportunities, stimulate entrepreneurship, improve project leadership, surface hidden issues, clarify values, roles and identities, integrate new teams and new members, resolve conflicts, integrate diverse cultures or discuss the un-discussable – then Build & Share may be your method of choice.

Build & Share in education and outside business

Even though Build & Share primarily is oriented towards adults in organizational settings the method is very useful for groups outside the professional world. The method is very applicable in settings such as:

  • Groups that deal with and explore how positive psychology might help them overcome personal and collective issues
  • Educational settings where the group explores various well-being issues
  • Group based counseling
  • Camps for young people where themes such as dreams, meaning and character strengths are explored.

Generally speaking the method is domain independent and we are constantly surprised by the creativity of the applications we hear about.