Learning from the past

LEGO® SERIOUS PLAY® for Positive Psychology  is a strong tool to do a range of different retrospective explorations.

It can be used to share and align “lessons learned” by having the group reflect on how things went well and what influenced a certain outcome. From here the group can make a more informed decision on what changes they want to make in the next iteration.

The richness of the dialogue created with the LEGO® models also help the group move away from “just” using the exploration of positive experiences to induce “feeling good”. Instead the exploration of narratives, metaphors, connections and patterns helps the group learn from positive experience, thus building an individual and collective efficacy.

Examples of possible usage:

  • Retrospectives
  • Identifying and learning from best (and worst) practices
  • Understanding adaptive and maladaptive behaviour and positive emotional patterns
  • Creation of timeline overviews and the helpful interaction of different instances