Moving towards the future

Understanding the future and building the determination to move towards a desired future is a core application area of LEGO® SERIOUS® PLAY® for Positive Psychology.

The abstract nature of the future, of goals, dreams, visions and possible scenarios makes LSP for PP a strong tool to help make the future more comprehensible and manageable.

This future navigation is called prospection. Coined by, among others, positive psychology pioneer Martin E. P. Seligman, prospection refers broadly to the mental representation and evaluation of possible futures. Prospection may include planning, prediction, hypothetical scenarios, teleological patterns, daydreaming, and evaluative assessment of possible future events.

Examples of possible usage:

  • Self-determined goal setting
  • Exploration of narratives and metaphors underlying best possible selves (individual and group-based)
  • Exploration of visions, mission and dreams
  • Creation and analysis of scenarios