Other people matter

Social interactions and groups are incredibly important and influence us every day: we live in groups, we learn in groups, we work in groups, we play in groups and we worship in groups. Therefore it is valuable to understand the individual behavior in a social context to better understand ourselves and our identity.

That is one of the main reasons why Build & Share is group facilitation method that seeks to bring in social context that many traditional positive psychology based interventions do not. The narrative approach, that is central in Build & Share, makes it possible to better understand optimal functioning and group dynamics through the discovery of situations and social contexts where specific patterns of energizing and authentic thoughts, feelings and actions occur.

Social and still personal

We need to understand the stories that we have consciously and unconsciously composed over our lives in order to understand ourselves and how we interact in a group. It is important to note that we do not create these stories in a vacuum or out of the blue. The process of creating a narrative identity is dynamic and occurs interchangeably between social and personal processes developing a more complex psycho-social understanding of identity (Gauntlett, 2007). In that context our social experiences and the way we interpret our experiences, form our idea about our identity and our perception of reality. The themes from positive psychology that are explored with the Build & Share method should therefore always be interpreted in a group context.

Improve both individual and group engagement

The Build & Share method sets the right frame for people to explore different versions of themselves and others and investigate what characterize when they work and function at their strongest. It is a useful method to apply when the goal is to learn more about what is important and meaningful to people, and it when dialogue and exploration of stories that form an idea about our identity and perception of reality are a key concern. Build & Share is especially good to apply when you want to improve both individual and group engagement at the same time, and part of the process is how to optimally use the topics from positive psychology individually and collectively towards a common goal.