Workshops and conferences

The Build & Share method is offered as a 1,5 hour to full day workshops at conferences and events around the world. It can be offered as a “stand-alone” experience or embedded into the event’s overall topic, scope and agenda.

If positive psychology and the science of well-being, engagement and flourishing is a useful topic for a specific event, Build & Share is one of the most experiential ways to explore these topics. Give us a call and we can work out a creative way to apply Build & Share in your upcoming event.

Examples of international workshops

February 2014 – MPI’s European Meeting and Events Conference, Istanbul, Turkey.

World wide, positive psychology, the science of well-being and flourishing is helping individuals, organizations and communities create more sustainable change and transition. This session will open participants to a world of strengths exploring how the use of our signature strengths engages and motivates us. 

The event was rewarded as the most interesting and innovative presentation at the conference. Below you can see a small appetizer of the session.


July 2014 – Pre-conference workshop at The seventh European Conference on Positive Psychology, Amsterdam, Holland.

In this Play Your Strength version of Build & Share Exploration Workshop™ participants will briefly be introduced to various elements of the method. This includes among other things a brief introduction to the concept of character strengths, how to introduce LEGO® into workshops, building of one or two personal signature strengths, explore how these can be combined and how they interact with the strengths of others.

November 2012
The Second China International Conference on Positive Psychology

July 2011
Second World Congress on Positive Psychology, Philadelphia, USA

June 2010
The fifth European Conference on Positive psychology, Copenhagen, Denmark