Building Psychological Capital

Detail and perspectiveBuild & Share™ is particularly useful to investigate those characteristics that create feelings of hope, self-efficacy, optimism and resilience and together those four components create Positive Psychological Capital.

Positive Psychological Capital (PsyCap) is defined as “an individual’s positive psychological state of development”. In other words PsyCap can be used as a way to define well-beeing, and Build & Share seek to strength and develop both the individual and group based PsyCap.

The four components

Research has shown that PsyCap has a positive influence on performance and satisfaction in groups and organisations. The four components in PsyCap are defined as:

  • Hope: persevering toward goals and, when necessary, redirecting paths to goals (hope) in order to succeed.
  • Self-efficacy: having confidence (self-efficacy) to take on and put in the necessary effort to succeed at challenging tasks.
  • Optimism: making a positive attribution (optimism) about succeeding now
  • Resilience: sustaining and bouncing back and even beyond (resilience) to attain success

As PsyCap is concerned about an individual’s internal resources for dealing with challenges at work, PsyCap is an emerging framework for applying positive psychology to business settings. By developing employee’s psychological capital organisations can create a competitive advantage