logo_storGnist is the company behind Build & Share and Gnist means spark. Gnist is advisor especially with the leaders about the conditions for innovation.

It is the human involvement and assumptions that is needed to change and make innovation happens naturally. Besides our experience, we informs us especially of positive psychology, supported by design thinking and dialogue and reflection.

We help to create outcomes and break the distress of specific challenges by thinking in an optimal interaction between the “negative” in terms of challenges, problems and constraints and the “positive” in terms of strengths, resilience and hope and optimism.

Our offer

– Concrete products and tools that can be used without our help and can be purchased in our online shop at
– Talks, where we transfer our knowledge in small doses, but always so you can continue working yourself
– Processes where we tailor the actions to realize a desired change or innovation. This is often done with partners and almost always in conjunction with the organization’s own people

Our name and identity

Our name, Gnist which mean spark, stems from a quote from Dante ” big flame effects often little spark .” It describes briefly what we believe. For whether you are a child or adult, there is a clear link between what touches us and what makes us strong.

Therefore are we as a company and people dedicated to grow sparks, so they develop into flames.